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A gnerd [pronounced, "NER-dh"] is a noun.
It is used to name someone who both reads Asimov and can fix a computer virus.

We know every line from Dr. Horrible and the subplots
and backplots of Who.

We lurk around bookshelves.

We listen to Josh Groban and Chameleon Circuit.

We are every Judith, Max and Russell.

We congregate conventions.

We are the next generation.

Friday, February 19, 2010

List #2

Top Ten People* With The Best Laughs

[Bonus; Their categories!]

10. Jimmy Fallon- Chipmunk Laugh
9. Nassim Al Fakir- Belly Laugh.
8. Seth Rogan- I-smoked-too-much-marijuana-in-high-school-and-my-vocal-cords-have-no-movement Laugh.
7. Stuart Broad- I-don't-think-this-is-funny-I'm-just-humoring-you Chuckle
6. Jimmy Carr- Monotonous Laugh
5. Ricky Gervais- Squealing Laugh (Let it be known, I adore Ricky Gervais, and his laugh most def. amuses me. But lets face it, its totally bursting, squeaky and awesome.
4. Fran Drescher- uuuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeeeeeegh Laugh.
3. Catherine Tate- I-Truly-Think-This-Is-Funny-And-Am-Not-Afraid-To-Laugh Laugh.
2. Elijah Wood- Explosive Laugh
1. Horatio Sans- Contagious Laugh

*Let me clarify: Celebrities.

Where does the king keep his armies?
                          [In his sleevies!!!]

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