Welcome, Fellow Gnerds!

A gnerd [pronounced, "NER-dh"] is a noun.
It is used to name someone who both reads Asimov and can fix a computer virus.

We know every line from Dr. Horrible and the subplots
and backplots of Who.

We lurk around bookshelves.

We listen to Josh Groban and Chameleon Circuit.

We are every Judith, Max and Russell.

We congregate conventions.

We are the next generation.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Eighteen Years.

    As I type these words, I turn eighteen, and the first thought in my head is, "What a wonderful world." Wow. I think those words might just have some meaning, or great meaning, to my life while  grow up. I'm not a kid anymore, but then again, I never really was. I have to start making better decisions, realizing consequences, and most importantly finding myself and learning who I am and what I stand for.
    I look forward to the rest of that journey as I take my first steps of adulthood to my room and into my bed where I shall promptly turn into a college-aged person who sleeps until noon and is still tired upon waking, and I will maybe dream my first waking nightmare with all the untouched Tickle-Me-Elmos and Tilt-a-Whirls of my childhood. I don't really know what I'm typing right now, I'm in a sort of blissful trancelike state and, far from feeling high, I feel alive.
    I feel alive in this wonderful world, and I see every color, every branch, every leaf and every blossom more clearly now than I see them in the memories of my childhood. And, with more conviction than ever, I think to myself what a wonderful world God has created.
    I have the best friends, and I wouldn't be the person who I am today without all of you [even you, Hanna. Even you] and even though I hurt sometimes, I wouldn't change a thing. Well, three thing. I would change three things, but thats it. Thank you for sharing my life with me. I love you guys.

    Today Is: Mine and Eric Kripke's birthday.
    Word of the Day: "Invincible"
    Lesson Learned:
        No matter how old you are, you are never too old to A.] Watch fireworks, B.] Be scared of police, and C.] shoot lasers at little kids and laugh like a maniac when you hit them and WIN THIRD PLACE!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Earth Day...

Today, I spent way more time than necessary looking at CollegeHumor videos [they can be found at collegehumor.com, and on their youtube channel www.youtube.com/collegehumor. I like their old ones better]. Anyways, I found this video, and I almost pooped I was laughing so hard.
[I'm trying to get used to embedding things, so if this doesn't work like it's supposed to, sorry].

Today Is: National Jellybean Day-how do you celebrate?
Word of the Day: "Farfel"
Lesson Learned:
I am three years old.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

List #13

Top Ten Things I Wish I Were Doing Right Now

10. Cleaning my room- How pitiful is that, I actually want to be cleaning my room. I think it is now safe to say that I am officially a slob. I don't want to get out of bed, so instead I'm surveying my room and picturing what it would look like if it were clean. Thats how low I've sunk.
9. Catching fireflies- I'm so impatient for the fireflies to get here. I'm ready, I got my Mason jar, come on you flying winking basterds, get out here and let me chase you!
8. Being successful- Maybe if I was being productive in my life, and not just sitting around watching episodes of Peep Show and procrastinating, I'd feel like a contributing member of society and not just a lazy lug. I've always wanted to be called that. A lazy lug. Such a nice mental image. Very lenient.
7. Driving- I like driving. Its peaceful. Lonely. Sometimes lonely is good, like the lonely I get when I drive. It's like, being myself.
6. Matt Smith- Yes. Yes I mean sex. The man gives me the shivers. He's not even sexually attractive, and I like to think of myself as an asexual being, but when I turn on the TV and watch Matt Smith hold off the Dalek destruction of the world by bluffing with a Jammy Dodger, I just want to rip a pillow [that may very well be a euphemism].
4. Making it rain somewhere- I wish I had a.] the courage, b.] the funds, and c.] the ability to make it rain. Whether it be with money or atmospheric pressure, I don't care. Either would be cool.
3. Hiking the Swiss Alps with James Dean- That may be code for "dreaming."
2. Sitting in on a blood parasite support group- It's a Jack's Raging Bile Duct kind of day. My power animal is a flipping seal.
1. Graffitiing the United Nations building- I feel like rebelling against government. I feel like expressing my political views from the perspective of an aerosol paint can. I feel like doing damage to a monument. I feel like throwing up.

    Today Is: Nothing Like A Dame Day
    Word of the Day: "Permeable"
    Lesson Learned:
        How to jump start a car [hint: you can't do it by yourself]

Friday, April 9, 2010

List #12

Top Ten Reasons Why Gus Is the Best, Most Relaxed Dog I Know.

10. For the most part of tonight, he was sitting in the basement. Alone. By himself. I couldn't coax him up. Because he knew what he wanted to do. He knew where he wanted to be. And all of my pleading and tempting could do nothing to hurry him up. He just came up five minutes ago, because he was ready.
9. I'm sitting here, petting him, and he's just staring at me. I love it. He's giving me full reign on the petting scale. My own dogs would be rolling around, moving their heads, trying to subtly tell me where to pet/scratch them. Not Gus. He's just letting me do my thing, smiling all the while.
8. He is my grandparents' dog, so I get the bonus of seeing him in all of his cuteness and none of his angst. Much like small children.
7. He's old. I love it, but at the same time, whenever I think about him being old and hurting, I get a funny pain in my abdomen. Like I can feel him wincing when he walks up the stairs. Its the mothering feeling I get, where I just want to make sure he is as comfortable as he can be and I'm always moving stuff so as to make it easier for him.
6. His ears are soft as fuzz. They're delightful-OH! He just laid his head on my lap. Bonus points Gus. Bonus points. How cute is that? How flipping cute!
5. His name is Gus- It pretty much doesn't get any better than that.
4. I actually remember trying to name him. And my grandpa, because we were young, kept suggesting the name *insert the sound of a raspberry without pressing your face on a baby's tummy here*. We as children thought it was hilarious. I still do.
3. Sleeping in my Nana's old house, it was always comforting knowing that Gus was sitting right outside the door. Not that I was ever frightened, but if I ever was, I knew Gus was there, and dogs as a rule are protective animals.
2. Something about a dog's inability to jump up onto a couch makes you love them. I just relocated my comfortable position on the couch to the floor for him, to accommodate him, to make it easier access for him to lick me, because I knew he would want to. That is love, people. That right there.
1. And that right there is why he is the best and most relaxed dog. Because I love him. End of story.

    Today Is: National Cherish An Antique Day and Winston Churchill Day.
    Word of The Day: "gripe"
    Lesson Learned:
        Matt Smith can never replace David Tennant. But he can try and it will not count against him.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blogger made me mad today.

    Today, I asked Blogger for a new question for my profile. It asked, "Why does the color blue mean raspberry-flavored?" I am angry because the question did not specify that I needed to answer in 400 characters or less. This was my original answer: 

    BACKGROUND: the blue raspberry, or rupus leucodermis, is native to western North America. The word "raspberry" has cultivated itself into our society in many different ways; 
    PROOF: I.E. picking raspberries, raspberry lemonade, the phrase "blowing raspberries," and the aptly named power pop band of the 1970's, The Raspberries.
    EXPLANATION: When we are out picking raspberries, out fingers get berry juice all over them and they stain. No matter how hard you try to wash it out, it only fades to a semi-blueish color. Raspberry-Lemonade is something of a new treat, used to coax young children into believing that, no, lemonade is not that terribly bad, which will only reinforce the idea that lemons are good, which will make them want to eat lemons, which will make them cry, and as Disney has taught us well, water is blue. "Blowing Raspberries" is an expression used mostly by overzealous parent for the action they commit by pressing their mouths to their baby's bare belly, and blowing. Hard. Hard enough to cause minimal bruising not big enough to be seen by the untrained, or new parent, eye? Yes. And as all of us ever in a Fight Club with Edward Norton know, bruises are blue in color. The Raspberries, the power pop band from the 1970s, will make your squint so hard that you'll start to hear the color blue. 
    ALSO: Raspberries originated on the planet, Pandora. The natives on Pandora would be the Avatars. They are blue. Suffice it to say, they weren't born that way. 
    SO: We can hereby deduce that by adding ChuckPalahniuk andJames Cameron, multiplied by bears[carry the children] minus Native American divided by Earth Wind and Fire, we get death.
    ANSWER: Asphyxiation. Asphyxiation is a form of death that spawned the expression, "blue-in-the-face." So, connecting the two together, eating raspberries will asphyxiate you, hence the warning color blue on any advertisement box.
    EXCEPTION: If you are a Sontaran, it will enable you to speak Ood, and as that whole situation is sketchy at best, it is advised you stay away from them. Raspberries, that is.

    Thats a great answer, is it not? So imagine my surprise when my computer very politely but firmly stated that it wouldn't accept it. I grew enraged, but my little screen didn't even tremble. It simply stated again, politely but firmly, that I needed to shorten my answer. Normally, I would have fought a bit harder on this one, but I just let it go, and did indeed shorten my answer, to the simplified The blue raspberry, or rupus leucodermis, is native to western North America. The word "raspberry" has cultivated itself into our society in many different ways; I.E. picking raspberries, raspberry lemonade, "blowing raspberries," and the aptly named power pop band of the 1970's, The Raspberries. For more information, press 5.

    Today Is: Buddha Day and One Day Without Shoes Day
    Word of the Day: "potent"
    Lesson Learned:
        Murphy's Law cannot be confined to any specific time or space. Like oxygen and atoms, it just exists.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

List #11

Top Ten Favorite Feelings

10. When someone or something makes me laugh-I love the feeling I get when I laugh. It's great. It's like a warm belly feeling, where I feel like I should have a headache but I don't.
9. When a pair of jeans fit just right-I'm a girl, its hereditary or something. In my blood, whenever you can feel the denim material not too tight, not too loose, you know you've found the right pair and it's perfect, it may be equivalent to holding your first child, I don't know.
8. When I fall in love with a literary character-Dexter from This Lullaby, I'm talking to you.
7. The relief I feel right after I'm done peeing-You've felt it too. It's like, you know, a serious feeling of "aaaaaaah" and you just can't help but smile. Yeah? Or is that just me?
6. The moment a friend looks at you and says, "I'm so glad we're friends"-It's like this feeling of being accepted comes hand in hand with a sort of protection feeling. Like being accepted automatically protects you from bullying [insertion: THIS IS NOT THE CASE HARDLY EVER. not from personal experience or anything like that, of course].
5. After compliments- It's always nice to be praised, and  I think that feeling is the inflating of my ego.
4. After I take a deep breath- I feel sustained. Living is I guess the right word for this one here.
3. I suppose I ought to say after I pray. Granted, I do indeed feel different after I pray, but I'm always racked with so much guilt, like "I suck, I only pray when I need something, wah wah look at me me me me me me me me me me me me me me pity me pity me I'm a bad person" guilt when I pray, that I feel like I shouldn't even type that here. I feel like it's cheating.
2. When someone laughs at one of my jokes-Its a pleasantly squeezing sensation in your tummy and lungs. A pride of a sort. It's wonderfully freeing and grounding all at the same time.
1. When I read something, and its worded beautifully, and I just get it. Its akin to the feeling you may feel when you get a test back and the answer is not only not marked wrong, but it has a comment next to it stating that your knowledge of the subject in question is far superior than that of your classmates. When you read something and it connects with you, you can actually feel the words pumping down your varicose veins and straight into the tips of your toes, which will tingle, before shooting up into your heart. Thats what understanding feels like. Pins and needles.

    Today Is: National Beaver Day
    Word of the Day: "Paraplegic"
    Lesson Learned Today:
        Demi Lovato is NOT Demi Moore [take THAT, Joel McHale]


    OMG I FOUND THE RAMUNE!!!!! SHELBY HAS INFORMED ME THAT IT IS AVAILABLE AT THE ASIAN FOOD MARKET ON STATE RD!!!!!!! THIS IS BREAKING NEWS!!!! AND I FELT LIKE....You......should......know. Yeah. Okay. Well...just so.....information.....for you.....in....case.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Disney Movie Math

    The Little Mermaid>Aladdin>Mulan>The Lion King [xThe Lion King 2=The Lion King 1 1/2].Pocahontas>Beauty&the Beast=Hercules>Alice In Wonderland=Happily Ever After=The Sword In The Stone>Tarzan[xA Bug's Life=The Jungle Book]>Robin Hood=The Emperor's New Groove>Sleeping Beauty[/Atlantis=Cinderella]>Toy Story>The Hunchback of Notre Dame>Pinocchio>Oliver[/101 Dalmations-Lady&The Tramp=The Aristocats]>Lilo&Stitch>The Rescuers Down Under>Snow White&The Seven Dwarves>Balto=[Balto 2+Balto 3]>Bambi>Antz>Dumbo>The Fox and the Hound.

    Brother Bear-Home on The Range+Fern Gully/Treasure Planet[carry The Black Cauldron]=The Adventures of Ichabod Crane&Mr. Toad.
    Peter Pan>ALL
    ALL>Fantasia. Just saying.

    Today Is: Teflon Day
    Word of the Day: "Teflon" [see above]
    Lesson Learned:
        If you claim to go your whole life rebelling against stereotypes, it's probably not a good sign when you get handed your senior class Superlatives nomination ballot and cackle like Dr. Cockroach because you can't wait to label all those barbaric imbeciles you go to school with...and your friends.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Return to 14

    Earlier today, I was sitting at my old computer, going through files while I was supposed to be cleaning up the destruction after the hurricane that is my life swept through my room and left a big fat mess. Many files I found hidden away in a long forgotten sealed folder entitled "FanFic" [to which the password was, of all thing, "blondboie". Beats me] were written by me as a fourteen year old. So, of course, I was simultaneously hesitant and eager to read them. Some of the documents really were fanfiction, mostly Newsies, some Lord of The Rings and a few Harry Potter...some other ones I'd rather not talk about as well. But also, there was alot of myspace stuff. Now, this was like, the time when myspace was IT. It was the top of the line social network. And I was on it all the time. I was a myspace whore. And I was obsessed with keeping it cool. That included, in my opinion, never having my comments showing. And this was before I knew how to hide them, so I would copy paste every comment into a document on this poor old computer and save it. Now I'm just too lazy to put that much effort into some silly band's social call, but then I was all over it.
    Also nestled amongst these prepubescent treasures was one of those cheesy myspace filler quizzes. It was so entertaining and false, that I've decided to let you read it as well. Except, I'm too lazy to do it right now, so I'll post the old one and a new and improved one tomorrow. :[ I am tired.

    Today Is: National Deep Dish Pizza Day [you hear that @JessMcFadden??? Its YOUR day!]
    Word of the Day: "Rogue"
    Lesson Learned:
        Even when you're sleeping, you're brain is still processing information.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

List #10

Top Ten Things I Love About Sundays

10. That lazy Saturday feeling adds five and gets multiplied by warm blankets.
9. Its usually sunny, whether it's snowing or raining, its still sunny.
8. I can read a book without forfeiting that "A" in H.English.
7. Smooooooooooooothies.
6. There are no such things as food babies on Sundays.
5. Family visits.
4. Waking up to birdies chirping and not realizing this means I'm late for school.
3. I have time to blog if I want to and afterwards-I STILL HAVE TIME!
2. Picking lillies and blackberries.
1. When I hear a church service that really speaks to me, and I leave church with a happy "hot air balloon" feeling in my heart.

    Today Is: Easter and World Rat Day [um. Equal parts gross and intriguing.]
    Word of the Day: "Scaremonger"
    Lesson Learned:
        Sometimes, 15 year old me knew what she was talking about- Sarah Dessen IS the last word on relationships.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday Wish List

NOTE: I don't really like the colors pink or mauve. So, with that said,

Useful Things:
1. Make a Donation in my name. All charities are fantastic, but my personal favorites are Invisible ChildrenRAINN and PETA
2. A Razor Scooter would be perfect for zooming around on campus. Just saying.
3. Remember my shoe blog? Well, I still haven't found a pair of shoes to replace them, but maybe you can help me. TOMS Silver Glitter Shoes are totally my style [size W7.5] and whats even better, for every pair of TOMS Shoes you buy, another pair are donated to a child in need  [I also love the Black Canvas shoes as well]. Inspiration: one Jess McFadden.
4. A Desk Lamp- with or without iPod thing, this is just one of the ones I found online.
5. Hanging Wall Organizer. I'm a supremely messy person. Anything organizing would be wondrous.
6. Sounds bad, but always money. Money is always good.
7. A surge protector.
8. Plastic storage containers for clothes and amenities and stuff like that for college. Real cheap at Target and Wal-Mart I've found. Lowe's possibly too.
9. A First Aid Kit. Suggestions of what to put in it can be found here.
10. A bookshelf I can either hang on the wall or put in top of a desk [or books. Books are nice too. I love books].
11. A college friendly cookbook, an assortment of tea, a yoga mat or an air freshener spray.


12. Boombox Bag. So awesome, thanks DJ McFad!
13. A Macbook hardshell case for Macbook 13" widescreen notebook.
14. This amazing Sony SLR Camera. Or, y'know, a Best Buy giftcard. :]
15. Bath&Body Works Scentbug. Love me some yummy smells! Available in different colors at all Bath&Body Works stores...at least every one I've been to [ALSO: Scents of Bath&Body Works that I like: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Brown Sugar&Fig, Butterfly Flower, Country Apple, Enchanted Orchid, Midnight Pomegranate, P.S. I Love You, Rainkissed Leaves, Sun-Ripened Raspberry, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Water Blossom Ivy, and Wild Honeysuckle. Just, you know, in case you want to get me Sensual Amber, or Plumeria or something I wouldn't really wear.


16. Silver Glitter Headband. I like silver. Also silver, a size 8 Female Empowerment Ring, sold on Avon for $5 with proceeds going to help victims of domestic violene. Nice price.
17. OPI Polish. Colors: Need Sunglasses?, Thanks So Muchness! of the Alice line, Atomic Orange, Louvre Me Louvre Me Not, Gargantuan Green Grape, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow, Green-wich Village, OPI Ink, We'll Always Have Paris, Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, Royal Rajah Ruby, DS Illuminate&DS Coronation, Pearl of Wisdom, Red My Fortune Cookie, I'm Not Really A Waitress, and Jade Is The New Black. Click "Where to Buy" tab to find stores near you.
18. NOH8 Bracelet. lessAdamthanBouskathree
19. Shiny Silver Windbreaker from American Apparel.
20. Supernatural Merch [preferrably this sweatshirt grey size L, or that one grey, size M]

21. A Hand Chair. I found this in a store three years ago, the red plastic one, and they were selling it for $600!!!! I found one online for $70! This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life, and I'm loving the colors black, yellow, blue and purple. I'm not a huge fan of the granite one though...just, you know, some extra information.
22. The Lorax. I love Seuss, and I don't have this book, my favorite of all Seusses.
23. Ramune. This stuff is so cool and good, I had a bottle once and I loved it, but I never knew what it was called or where to get it until I did a little research. Flavor I had: Strawberry. Flavors I'd imagine I'd like: Raspberry, Mango, Kiwi, Pineapple. Available at: The Asian Grocer on State
24. 3OH!3 Tickets. June 11. Festival pier. 3OH!3 and Cobra Starship. Penn's Landing in Philly, PA. I hope to be there. :]
25. Hair Straightener. I don't have a particular brand I'm attached to.
26. A hedgehog or fish. I love them.

*These are just some ideas. I don't expect any of these things, much less all of them. They're just ideas, complete with clickable links to pictures so you can get an idea. Zahts all. :]

    Today Is: April Fools Day and Do Something Undignified Day.
    Word of The Day: "Buffoon"
    Lesson Learned:
        The Yo-Yo was invented April 1, 1929.