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We lurk around bookshelves.

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We congregate conventions.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Return to 14

    Earlier today, I was sitting at my old computer, going through files while I was supposed to be cleaning up the destruction after the hurricane that is my life swept through my room and left a big fat mess. Many files I found hidden away in a long forgotten sealed folder entitled "FanFic" [to which the password was, of all thing, "blondboie". Beats me] were written by me as a fourteen year old. So, of course, I was simultaneously hesitant and eager to read them. Some of the documents really were fanfiction, mostly Newsies, some Lord of The Rings and a few Harry Potter...some other ones I'd rather not talk about as well. But also, there was alot of myspace stuff. Now, this was like, the time when myspace was IT. It was the top of the line social network. And I was on it all the time. I was a myspace whore. And I was obsessed with keeping it cool. That included, in my opinion, never having my comments showing. And this was before I knew how to hide them, so I would copy paste every comment into a document on this poor old computer and save it. Now I'm just too lazy to put that much effort into some silly band's social call, but then I was all over it.
    Also nestled amongst these prepubescent treasures was one of those cheesy myspace filler quizzes. It was so entertaining and false, that I've decided to let you read it as well. Except, I'm too lazy to do it right now, so I'll post the old one and a new and improved one tomorrow. :[ I am tired.

    Today Is: National Deep Dish Pizza Day [you hear that @JessMcFadden??? Its YOUR day!]
    Word of the Day: "Rogue"
    Lesson Learned:
        Even when you're sleeping, you're brain is still processing information.

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آميلي said...

I feel like returning to see what 14-year-old you wasted your time on as an adult (by age... Our parents lied--we're never actually adults :-P ) is one of the most terrifying things. But then you don't feel like as much of a loser once you're done. Well... Sometimes. Mine was full of Elvish (Tolkien's Elvish) stuff... And as an adult, I have an Elvish tattoo. Oh how some things never change. :-P