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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

List #7

Top Ten Things I Needed To Do Today...But Didn't

10. Write some more of my fantabulous script- Siobhan is in the middle of her first date with Peter and she's just beginning to see something fishy- and its not because they're at Red Lobster...
9. Straighten Hair- If I'm going to shower later....yeah, I'll pass on that pointless task. Geez. *I just realized I don't have a hair straightener!*
8. My Latin homework- Its too early to say, but I'm just going to go with, no, Im not going to finish it today. Romani iusserant alterum nuntium cum celeritate ad castra accedere.
7. Find overdue library book- I know its here somewhere...eh, I'll look tomorrow.
6. Film Audition Tape- what to say about me..what to say......Hi Im Hannah, I go to school, I think Im pretty awesome and I could play this part. Also, I'm mad obsessed with Neil Patrick Harris, so if I could meet him that'd be great. See? This is his hair...and his dry cleaning bill [*four sweater vests*].
5. Send out my swaptree item- sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooooh. About that one......Guess how late it is? Go on, guess...TWO WEEKS! Gah. I suck.
4. Deposit paycheck- Bank closes in ten minutes. No time for that one.
3. Blog- An actual blog, not a top ten. I'm considering changing my blog name to My Life In Tens or something...Lists of My Life...Life To-Do List...I dunno. Something like that.
2. New Shoes- Black high tops. It's happening. *Refer to earlier post here*
1. Finish Music Video- Guess where I'm going tomorrow? Kent State! Guess what I'm bringing with me? Candy! Anyone want to help me film this? I'll give you free candy. No joke.

    A Wall Street Journal study shows that in the average football game there's only 11 minutes of actual play. I also learned this does not surprise me. No wonder I prefer hockey and tennis.

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jessmcfadden said...

Tomorrow, I have a break in my classes from 11-2.

OHH. It then occurred to me that you're probably in school during that time.

Well, text me when you come over anyway. Especially if you skip school (yes) or maybe come in the late evening.