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A gnerd [pronounced, "NER-dh"] is a noun.
It is used to name someone who both reads Asimov and can fix a computer virus.

We know every line from Dr. Horrible and the subplots
and backplots of Who.

We lurk around bookshelves.

We listen to Josh Groban and Chameleon Circuit.

We are every Judith, Max and Russell.

We congregate conventions.

We are the next generation.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

List #9

Top Ten Sounds I Love

10. Pages turning- I adore hearing the soft rustle of pages being flipped. Especially if they drag for a moment on one another. I think that sound is just beautiful.
9. Soft static on radios-soft static is comforting. Loud static is annoying.
8. Thunderstorms at night- I crawl into my bed and sleep better than babies on Eszopiclone. For reals. This also goes hand in hand with rain. Rain is one of the most soothing sounds in the world. I am a firm believer that rain connects souls.
7. Fire crackling- as long as its not burning down a house or a forest fire, then we are good to go. Actually, just let me disclaim that and rephrase it to say, "Contained Fires."
6. When my kitty mews and it sounds like he is saying "Mommy." -ALSO- when my dogs make noises when they're cuddling that sound content.
5. Josh Groban's voice in the morning, waking up from a bad dream- this has happened by pure chance far more times that I'm comfortable admitting. Suffice it to say, I sleep with my iPod on, and no longer have nightmares as often. Thank you, Josh Groban.
4. Leaves and snow crackling under shoes- unless the snow squeaks. I don't like that so much. But when its a softer sort of crunch sound, it just kind of brings to mind presence. Like weight. Existence. Here. Now. That kind of thing.
3. Unidentifiable laughs- You know what I'm talking about. When you swear someone laughed, real soft and close to your ear, but you turn around and look but no one is there. I love that sound. The laughter of angels, babies and fae.
2. Acoustic guitar- there is something so simple about the acoustic guitar. Its almost like the instrument itself is shy. The electric guitar is like a yelling, screaming attention whore, whilst the acoustic guitar strums and whispers to you tales from childhood. At least, thats what it sounds like to me.
1. Heartbeats- If they aren't mine, I love listening to them. There is something so, I dunno, real I guess about them. They make me feel like I'm here, like they're just so final. Each beat could be the last one, and that pause after every one is always filled with a morbid curious wonder, like, "will it beat again?" and makes the next beat more precious. You know?

Today Is: Besides being St. Patty's Day, it is also Submarine Day.
Word of the Day: "Forsooth."
Lesson Learned Today:
    If you laugh with your mouth open and someone throws something in it, swallow it. They should know better than to throw things.

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